About Gaurang Doshi

Gaurang Doshi is a renowned bollywood producer, who has created Aankhen, Deewar, Sandstorm and many more box office hits. His creative vision and passion for the media are cornerstone of the success of his every creation.

Gaurang Doshi proved his mettle with his masterpieces such as Aankhen, Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawander, even managing to win four Limca Book records for his eccentric work. He inherited the art of filmmaking at a young age from his father late Mr. Vinod Doshi, who gave audiences, hits like Saccha Jhootha, Naastik, Dil, Beta & many more under the banner of VR Pictures.

About Madhu Bhandari

With the directions from visionary Mr. Madhu Bhandari, Founder, Consta Group, the group is touching millions of hearts. Aimed to do wonders across the globe, the group is destined to touch new heights everyday with the supreme guidance under the amazing leader.

The secret to our success lies in how we tailor our solutions to client needs, how we manage risk, and how our engaged team and add power of the human touch in everything we do. The technology for many divisions are being developed in collaboration with Maisha Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a research & development, bespoke softwares, app development Company.


7th Sense

The WEB SHOW opens with a grand premiere of ‘7TH SENSE’, which is a remake of the 1965 classic. All the A-listers of the industry are out attending the lavish premiere in the same single screen theatre where the classic had first released. The media go crazy when the film’s star attraction Actor Sultan Khan makes his way into the theatre. Everyone seems to be in a jolly mood except the film’s director Jai Save, who is tensed and enters the premises with his driver, Malkhan Gujjar. Inside the theatre, the film is about to begin as a Theatre employee distributes popcorn to everyone.

He visits a lot of big wigs of the film industry finally making his way outside and taking a break. He rushes to the loo and notices a woman dressed in red walk out of the men’s washroom. The Employee is a little taken aback, also because the Washroom was closed since it has a leakage issue, but nature’s call makes him ignore the fact. He rushes inside and takes a leak. While he is doing his business, he feels something touch his feet. The Employee looks down on the floor and is surprised to find blood.

The Employee follows the trail of blood and opens the door to the second cubicle of the washroom. He is shocked beyond wits as he finds the Director, Jai Save’s corpse. Someone with a walking stick makes his way towards the projector room. The Employee helps him and leads him in the room. Inspector Aslam Shaikh walks in. Aslam is blind hence the employee guides him to Jai’s dead body, which is laid down in the projector room’s floor. Aslam uses a handkerchief to feel the wounds on Jai’s body. The Theatre manager is in the room and briefs Aslam that he hasn’t raised an alarm or called the cops yet. Aslam is surprised and asks the reason for it.


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Limca Book of Record Holder Gaurang Doshi


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